Our story opens to a picture of contrast – a high speed car chase and a Sunday morning sermon in a small local church. The pastor is urging his congregation to “love one another” and look beyond the church doors for ways God wants to use them.  The apathy and narrow-mindedness of his congregation breaks the pastor’s heart and he returns to the sanctuary where he falls to his knees before God and with tears in his eyes prays for revival. 

Enter the Anthony’s (a Caucasian family) and the Flores’ (a Hispanic family).  Both households are a hive of activity as they each are preparing for their annual family reunions. The two reunions begin and tensions quickly mount.  The two Fathers are ready to come to blows while at the same time Sarah (of the Anthony family) and Ramon (son of the Flores family) lock eyes and their mutual interest is grows amidst the conflict. 

Can Sarah and Ramon's interests grow under two racist fathers? Is it even right seeing as one of them is a Christian and the other is not?  Can a Church grow amidst a racist and apathetic congregation?  These themes and more are investigated through this feature length film of approximately 95 minutes. 


In a film with so many different facets, a central theme can help to tie it all together.  For The Reunion, this verse comes from Galatians 3:28:


"There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus."